I’m a novelist, poet and editor. Independence is a recurring motif in my thinking – I home educated my four highly independent children (now independent young people); did my PhD in feminist theology at a time when it was an emerging mode of thought; run independent creative writing courses with the highly independent poet, Pete Marshall, and have moved through major institutions, educational, spiritual and domestic, to work towards my own independence, including running an independent press.

I have published several books on home education and parenting, particularly Winning Parent, Winning Child, focussing on living with children in ways that respect their autonomy, and written regular columns for magazines in the UK and Canada.

this_is_the_endI’ve written four novels and six poetry collections. My most recent novel, This is the End of the Story, is about Cassie – ‘belief is her gift’ and, growing up in Teesside in the 1970s and later traveling to Toledo on a personal quest for meaning and identity, she explores how one person enables the internal life of another. I’m currently working on the sequel, which explores the boundaries of identity and reality. A Remedy for All Things is set in Budapest in three time periods as the lives of a 90s literary researcher, a 30s poet who committed suicide and a 50s nurse and political prisoner after the 1956 uprising, intersect in extraordinary ways. I had an extended writing and research period in Budapest thanks to an Arts Council grant and the book is well underway and due to be published in autumn 2018.

My poetry collections include Stale Bread & Miracles, a prose poetry sequence that charts my ordination to the priesthood at the first ever CofE ordination of women and my break with the church; Slate Voices (with Mavis Gulliver) – a long sequence about Cwmorthin – an abandoned slate mining village in the foothills of the Moelwyns, that moves across several forms and poetic registers; and Turn/Return, a limited edition pamphlet of open field poetry that charts movement across seasons and locatistale-bread-and-miracles-2ons and takes inspiration from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies cards. My most recent pamphlet is a new poetry sequence in haiku-like fragments, A Year from the Mulberry Moon.

You can find out more about my books here.

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