If you’d like signed copies of any of my books, just drop me an email to and let me know if you’d like a dedication.


This is the End of the Story

Belief is Cassie’s gift, so much so that she believes herself to be whoever those in her life tell her she is — Cassie, Kat, Kitty, even Casilda, as Miriam insists, an 11th century Muslim princess from Toledo who later became a Catholic saint. Bound together by Miriam’s extraordinary internal world, Cassie’s belief and an incident on a traumatic incident on a beach, Cassie’s loyalty only strains when an act of betrayal propels her towards Liam, also waiting to tell Cassie who she really is. But Cassie may be more resourceful than either Miriam or Liam imagine and when she eventually visits Toledo, tracking down places where Casilda might have walked, is this the end of the story?

The Standing Ground

In a future without freedom life is unraveling for Luke until he has a virtual encounter with a girl from beyond the all-controlling grip of E-government. Is Alys real? What parts have the mythical characters of the past to play in saving the future and, most importantly, can Luke find the Standing Ground?

There are only a few copies of The Standing Ground left – aimed at young adults and adults, and based on themes from the Mabinogi, set in a near future dystopia, it’s sold strongly. If you’d like a copy please get in touch.

Dear Ceridwen

In North Wales Bethan writes a letter to her missing daughter, Ceridwen. What is the truth about Stephen and the abuse that took place at the Soulful Living Community in Bristol? Most importantly, is Ceridwen alive and what has become of her? As Bethan reconstructs the past, her voice competes with the voice of Stephen’s wife, Caro. Both women reveal more than they realise in this story of domestic lives posing universal questions. Dear Ceridwen is about truth and lies, tricks of memory, betrayal, trust, and above all: hope.

Dear Ceridwen is now sold out, but is still available on kindle.

Coming Home

Coming Home covers a day in the lives of Jim and the women he loves and lets down; the day when Jim returns to his abandoned Welsh family, leaving Consuela, his Filipino lover, to face pregnancy and an uncertain future. On the day Jim returns, memories unfold that range across locations from North Wales and the demise of the slate industry in the 1970s to a desalination plant in Algeria and the cities of Manila and Baguio in the Philippines; from the 1940s to the 1990s.Against a backdrop of abandonment, betrayal, loss and continued mutual destruction between Jim and his wife, Cath, new life emerges as Jim’s daughter, Megan, and his lover, Consuela, each make their own discoveries about acceptance and transformation.

There are only a few copies of Coming Home left – if you’d like a copy please get in touch. You can also find it on kindle.

Poetry and Prose Poetry Collections


Turn/Return is a poetry sequence of 25 short, inventive poems that arose from interaction with Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s box of cards, ‘Oblique Strategies’. Conceived to break creative impasses, each card offers an often quirky, sometimes cryptic, sometimes challenging solution to artistic dilemmas. In this sequence, four cards provided the skeleton of each poem until the whole deck was used.


Two timelines intertwine as one person addresses the “you” of a three-decade relationship and the “you” of new possibilities, turning over the pain of the old but find the new no less daunting.

Stale Bread & Miracles:

From the moment Meg seeks entry into the priesthood, her vocation is challenged. Charting a path through the campaign for women’s ordination, Stale Bread & Miracles unfolds into a story that is heart-breaking and hopeful… an unflinching meditation on the dehumanising power of the institution and the humane tenacity to re-invent life, told in language that combines the rhythm and lyricism of poetry with the narrative minimalism of pared down prose.  This is an extraordinary narrative, now in it’s third edition.

Slate Voices

Slate Voices: Cwmorthin & Islands of Netherlorn is a collection in two voices exploring change in two extraordinary locations. Observing the metamorphosis of both land and culture, this dual collection builds into a powerful psycho-geography of place and people in relation to the poets sifting through ruins and remnants.


I’ve written articles, chapters and five books on home education and autonomy-respecting parenting. The latest is Winning Parent, Winning Child

What parent hasn’t longed to improve his or her relationship with children? What parent hasn’t thought – surely there must be a better way? This book is about that better way. Jan Fortune-Wood, author of four previous books on parenting and education, helps both parents and children to get what they want from life and live well together. In easy to follow chapters full of examples, Jan illustrates how battles and uneasy compromises can be replaced with solutions that everyone prefers, facilitating ways to respect children and help them to grow as independent, flexible people.

‘Dr Jan Fortune is one of the best and most radical writers on education and parenting.’

– Professor Roland Meighan, Director of Personalised Education Now

‘Jan Fortune-Wood is an eloquent advocate for families living and learning together. Her writing is gentle, yet passionate and never fails to provide inspiration.’

-Wendy Priesnitz, Editor, Life Learning

This book has sold out of three print runs. There are a very few copies left – please get in touch if you would like one or you can also find it on kindle.

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